General Information & Reports

The General Information and Reports section includes a variety of information important to Battlement Mesa residents and visitors.  In some cases a brief explanation of the material and its significance follows the document.

General Information/Reports

  • 81635/81636 Postmaster Letter regarding using Battlement Mesa vs. Parachute for incoming / outbound mail communication.  Download Here  (This letter informs Battlement Mesa residents that they may use Battlement Mesa vs. Parachute in all incoming and outbound U.S. Mail communication).
  • Antero Resources Letter to the BMSA, May 4, 2009, $1,000,000 Contribution Pledge  Download Here

Incorporation Studies

  • Battlement Mesa Community Incorporation Feasibility Study, Final Report, (March 10, 1995)
  • Battlement Mesa Incorporation Financial Feasibility Analysis, (January 7, 2010) Download Here

Insurance Documents


Economic Development

Area Industry