Covenant Enforcement

As indicated on numerous Battlement Mesa signs, like most homeowner associations, we are a covenant protected community.  All property owners within the 3,200 acre Battlement Mesa Planned Unit Development, (PUD) as well as tenants of owners must comply with the BMSA covenants.  In addition, residents of Canyon View, Fairway Villas, First Eagles Point, Mesa Ridge and Valley View, (Villages with BMSA sub-associations) must also comply with the covenants of their respective  sub-association.  If the two sets of covenants do not agree, the more restrictive covenants apply.

The Battlement Mesa Service Association covenant restrictions can be reviewed and downloaded from the Association Documents section of this website. 

Please be aware that the association's covenants are strictly enforced and substantial fines are levied for non-compliance.  The BMSA prefers to educate rather than enforce, thus if you have questions regarding covenant compliance, please email the association at Please don't wait until you receive a Notice of Non-Compliance letter and a fine before your educate yourself on what is and isn't  permitted by the Battlement Mesa covenants. 

The sub-association's covenant information for Canyon View & Eagle's Point are available at The Fairways contact Julie Ann Ebeler with VIP Investments at 970-625-3992. Mesa Ridge Townhomes & Valley View Village contact Property Professionals HOA Management at 970-625-2255 or

Click here to read the Covenant and Rule Enforcement Resolution that was adopted by the BMSA board of directors.

If you observe activity which you believe is or may be a violation of the BMSA's covenant restrictions, you are encouraged to report the violation.  Please be advised that, as stated in the Covenant and Rule Enforcement Resolution, non-written complaints, or written complaints failing to include any information required by the regulation may not be investigated or prosecuted.  Click here to report a covenant violation.

Covenant Protection Reports