Garfield County School District 16 is located in the Parachute/Battlement Mesa communities on the Western Slope of Colorado.  We are located 5,099 feet above sea level in the Colorado River Valley.  The White River National Forest extends to the south and the Naval Oil Shale Reserve is north of us.  Parachute Creek intersects the town of Parachute going North and South, and the Coloraodo River separates the community of Battlement Mesa from Parachute going east and west.  These waterways provide excellent opportunities for outdoor activities.

Area Schools

Grand Valley High School
Grand Valley Middle School
Bea Underwood Elementary
Center for Family Learning


Grand Valley High School
Grand Valley High School, is the home of the Fighting Cardinals.  The new school, which was completed in September 2002, is located at 800 Cardinal Way in Parachute.  Contact us at 970.285.5707

Mission: Together we will continue to build purposeful relationships that will enhance the lives of students.
Vision: We are dedicated to defining and creatig optimal learning environments which will provide our students an individualized, well-rounded education.
Cardinal Rule: Do not do anything that might discredit yourself, this school, or this community

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Grand Valley Middle School
Grand Valley Middle School, Home of the Panthers, is located at 364 Sipprelle Drive in Battlement Mesa.  Contact us at 970.285.5707

Bea Underwood Elementary School
Bea Underwood Elementary School, which opened on October 24, 1982, is named after a teacher who gave over 40 years of unselfish service to the community and students.  We are continuing her dedication and her traditions!  The school is located at 741 Tamarisk Trail in Battlement Mesa.  Contact us at 970.285.5703


Center for Family Learning
Since 2002 this Center has provided exceptional learning opportunities to the Battlement Mesa and Parachute communities.  Nearly a decade ago Garfield County School District No. 16 established early learning and kindergarten classes at the former, now renovated, original 1939 school building with the long term goal of providing a single center where all young children could attend high quality early childhood programs and parents would be able to access educational services and support for their child and themselves.

Vision: We seek to become and inventive public school with enduring relationships among educators, families, community volunteers, business, health and social service agencies, youth development organizations and others committed to children.  This model transforms the traditional school into a partnership for excellence. 

The Center for Family Learning is located at 100 East Second Street in Parachute.  Contact us at 970.285.5702.