Board of Directors

The Battlement Mesa Service Association's Board of Directors manages and directs the affairs of the Battlement Mesa Community. Presently the BMSA board consists of fifteen village Delegates/Directors and two Developer Delegates representing nineteen Delegate areas.

Each Village within the Battlement Mesa PUD has the right to elect a Delegate to the Battlement Mesa Service Association and these elected Delegates are automatically elected to the BMSA board of directors. Village Delegates/Board Members are elected to serve a three year term. Since there are no term limits Delegates/Board Members frequently serve more than one term. An individual that owns property in more than one delegate area is eligible to serve as a Delegate/Director for each delegate area where they own property. Therefore, an individual may serve as a Delegate/Director for multiple delegate areas.

The BMSA board of directors meets at the Grand Valley Recreation Center on the third Tuesday of each month.  The meetings, which are open to the public, begin at 9 A.M.

BMSA's Board of Directors

Name Village Represented Term Expiry
John Shepherd Canyon View 2020
Bob Arrington Willow Creek 2021
Al Reuter Eagles Point 2020
John Keller The Reserve 2021
Brad Gates Fairway Villas 2021
Dianna Arnett Tamarisk Meadows 2022
Penny Roehn Valley View 2022
Laurel Koning Battlement Creek 2022
Justin Caselman Stone Ridge 2022
Samuel Stewart Monument Creek Village 2022
Robert Cizik Mesa Ridge 2022
Amy Provstgaard Tamarisk Village 2022
Dale Johnson Willow Ridge / Willow Park Apartments 2021
Robert Gross Saddleback Village No. 1 2021
Robert Gross Saddleback Village No. 1 –Rental Area 2021
Robert Gross Saddleback Village No. 2 –Rental Area 2021
Eric Schmela Saddleback Village Commercial Center  2021
Eric Schmela Town Center No. 1  2021
Eric Schmela Town Center No. 2  2021
Eric Schmela Town Center No. 3  2021
Eric Schmela Developer/Declarant  N/A
Eric Schmela Developer/Declarant N/A