Grand Valley Kiwanis Club

The Grand Valley Kiwanis Club meets each Tuesday of every month at 7:30 AM at the Parachute Branch of the Garfield County Library, 244 Grand Valley Way, Parachute, Colorado.  The club, with a membership of about 80, is dedicated to working on projects that benefit both the youth and the community.  The clubs most significant projects include:

  • 4th Grade Winter Ecology Outings
  • Ages 1-6 Easter Egg Hunt
  • Colorado River Scramble Golf Tournament
  • Tutors for all schools
  • Early Childhood Learning Center, Christmas Party
  • Middle School, Builders Club
  • Elementary School, Terrific Kids
  • High School Key Club
  • Lift Up Food Bank Food Drive

For more information contact us at:

Grand Valley Kiwanis Club
P O Box 6204
Parachute, CO 81635