Community Counts

Exploration for and production of natural gas is a major industy in much of western Colorado.  And, being a good neighbor is a reasonsible part of doing business in this magnificant part of Colorado.  Community Counts is a community-based program designed to offer residents a resource for open and respectful dialogue when issues and questions related to the natural gas industry arise. 

Members of Community Counts strive to balance the economic and social benefits of natural gas operations with the impacts those operations have on communities and the environment.

Toll Free Hotline - 866.442.9034
The Community Counts hotline provides a direct line of communication between residents and industry operators.  This tool allows community members and operators to work quickly to resolve an issue or answer a question.  Each operator provides a 24/7 on-call contact to help address questions or concerns in a timely manner.

Community Events
Community Counts hosts community get togethers to inform residents about the program and to foster relationship building.  We welcome your participation.

Membership Meetings
Community Counts has regular membership meetings and an Annual Meeting to provide opportunities for members to discuss and collaborate on ways to move the organization forward in a positive manner.  Individuals and organizations interested in becoming a partner of Community Counts are encouraged to contact the Community Counts coordinator, Mary Lou Wilson, by telephone at 970.712.7317 or by email at or go to the Community Counts website.

Community Counts Industry Partners

Community Counts Community Partners

Community Counts Business Partners