Governor Hickenlooper signs Executive order banning open burning in the State of Colorado

Governor Hickenlooper, Governor of the State of Colorado orders ban on open burning. To read the Executive order go to

Note that the executive order is intended to establish uniform fire restrictions across the state. Local jurisdictions are free to adopt more restrictive fire bans as local conditions warrant. County sheriffs also have the authority to grant exemptions to the open burning restrictions in the order if the proposed burn is deemed by the sheriff to be safe and subject to mitigation. The order also permits commercial, professional and municipal fireworks displays and certain limited types of agricultural burns subject to county sheriff approvals.

Garfield County Sheriff, Lou Vallario is asking all citizens to put away any fireworks they may have purchased with the intentions of celebrating Independence day this year, enjoy them when conditions are safe to do so.  Maybe during a New Years Eve celebration, “The cost to our communities and life is just too risky in these dry conditions.”

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