GarCo Sheriff's Office Reports Mail Thefts

Mail Theft in Garfield County: GARFIELD COUNTY, Colo. – September 24, 2015, 10:50 AM

There have been several mail thefts recently in Garfield County. The thefts have occurred in areas from western Garfield County through Glenwood Springs and Carbondale and along the Roaring Fork Valley into Pitkin County.

The thieves are not necessarily limited in their targets they have targeted rural mailboxes, banks of “secure” mailboxes that serve neighborhoods, private mail boxes as well as mail collection boxes.

Keep yourself safe. Check and empty your personal mail box daily and as soon after the mail deliverer brings your mail as possible. If you aren’t at home consider having a neighbor check your mail. Do not mail your outgoing mail through your personal mail box and whenever possible hand your outgoing mail directly to the passing mail deliverer or mail it at your local Post Office.

The preferred mail point for your outgoing mail is always the Post Office. You may want to consider having a PO Box for the receipt of your personal mail that may contain sensitive information.

The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office and local law enforcement officers encourage you to avoid being a target of these thefts. Loss of mail is not only inconvenient; it can lead to financial losses and identity theft by compromising your personal information.

No further information will be released.

IMPORTANT: Please direct any media requests to the contact above. Do not contact the Garfield County Emergency Communications Center or Patrol staff for media requests.

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professional, ethical and compassionate conduct.

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