BMMD Reports a 12" Water Main Break

For Immmediate Release~July 5, 2013 ~ Battlement Mesa Metro District

There was a 12” water main break early this morning.  The "main" services the fire hydrants on Morrisania Mesa.  Although the break has been isolated, there is no water to the fire hydrants on Morrisania Mesa.  The fire department has been notified.  By the time the break was isolated, BMMD's Zone B tank was down to 3 feet of water.  BMC, BMSA, GVRC and BMMD have shut their sprinkler systems off for the weekend.  Steve Rippy, BMMD's Manager stated, "We are going to be going door to door with fliers asking people to try to use minimal water through out the weekend.  Since the break has been isolated and no homes are without water, we will begin repairs on Monday.  The water did not run down the road, it went down the gulch to the John Lyons property." 


Contact: BMMD, 970.285.9050